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It's mainly a right load of bollocks isn't it? Well our bollocks is better than most band's bollocks.


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New album ENLIGHTENMENTAL Spring 2018 - Pledge campaign now live!



NEW: Heterosapien


Incoming!! New album Spring 2018

Watch this space...


What Two And Two Is For


We Are Not Alone

Spaceships And Stuff

You Shaped Space

Space Cathedral (Live)

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Current Crew

Jim Bower - guitars, singing, songwriting
Rick Bower - bass, occasional singing
Paul Morricone - guitar
Anthony Sargeant - drums and singing
Sarah Niven - singing and percussion

About Shatner

Shatner first emerged through some kind of swrirly vortex thing in about 2004 and has popped in and out of existence ever since. We have made three well-reviewed albums. The current line-up has been together since 2015.


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Our debut album. Not many left.


Bandcamp page (includes track previews)

Thirteen O'Clock

Lavish, large and full of quality Shatnage


Bandcamp page (includes track previews)

Wow Signals

Our most recent collection


Bandcamp page (includes track previews)


Thirteen O'Clock design. Note, we've sold out of XL