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Where you can listen to most of our music and, if you like, download it for money.

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New album ENLIGHTENMENTAL Spring 2018 - BUY NOW

Pledge campaign target exceeded - thanks everyone!

NEW: Heterosapien


NEW: We Go Woo


What Two And Two Is For


We Are Not Alone

Spaceships And Stuff

You Shaped Space

Space Cathedral (Live)

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Current Crew

Jim Bower - guitars, singing, songwriting
Rick Bower - bass, occasional singing
Paul Morricone - guitar
Anthony Sargeant - drums and singing
Sarah Niven - singing and percussion

About Shatner

Shatner first emerged through some kind of swrirly vortex thing in about 2004 and has popped in and out of existence ever since. The current line-up has been together since 2015.


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Physical objects to buy:


BRAND NEW ALBUM - released 2018
Not yet available for streaming

Regular version superbly packaged with foiled silver


Special edition

Limited edition 'Enlightenmental" produced with coloured foil in red, blue or gold. A true collector's item! We're not making any more; when they're gone, they're gone!


Enlightenmental T-Shirts

Standard design is silver on black. We can make custom sizes and colours as one offs, though it would cost a little more - feel free to enquire by email if this appeals to you.



Our debut album. Now in it's FIFTH reprint! Not bad for an album mainly recorded in a bedroom.



Bandcamp page (includes track previews)

Thirteen O'Clock

Lavish, large and full of quality Shatnage. Expensively produced and ravely reviewed.


Bandcamp page (includes track previews)

Wow Signals

Our 2014 comeback release after a few years dormant.


Bandcamp page (includes track previews)

Old T-Shirts

Quite a few "Thirteen O'Clock" tees left over in various sizes - but note we've sold out of XL